Why we set out to change homebuying: Our journey from Navut to NestReady

Mauro Repacci, Founder and CEO of NestReady, was no stranger to relocating. Having moved and lived in several different countries over the years, he found himself frustrated with trying to find a home that would fit his budget and provide him a reasonable commute to work. He settled on a neighbourhood in Montreal with no amenities, limited public transportation, and a high price for rent.

Mauro realized that there was a lack of information offered to people relocating to new cities in North America, and found that there was a need for a neighbourhood-based resource for people to relocate. Putting his frustration into action, Mauro launched Navut, Canada’s first neighbourhood finder in 2012 with the help of his co-founders, Marcos Carvalho and Aureabelle Cruz.

Change Home Buying: From Navut to NestReady

Using big data and proprietary matchmaking algorithms, the Navut team built the first online relocation platform in Canada. Now, renters and homebuyers could discover neighbourhoods based on criteria such as quality of schools, length of commute to and from their workplace, safety, and neighbourhood demographics.

Navut’s vision of “making moving anywhere in the world as easy as moving right around the corner” has helped hundreds of thousands of people relocate. The popularity and innovative value of the product led the company to be selected by TechStars Boston; the most prestigious technology accelerator in the world. It was during this time that Navut received expert advice and refined its offering to what it is today.

The team discovered that 80% of homebuyers spend the bulk of their time browsing properties and visiting the ones of interest to them and often seek support in making the best real estate and financial decisions to fit their needs and budget. Navut shifted from offering a neighbourhood finder tool to providing a platform for homebuyers to receive support through every step of the homebuying journey, rebranding itself in 2017 as NestReady.

Today, NestReady strives to make the homebuying process one trusted, convenient and unified experience. Our platform leverages property data with location trends to allow homebuyers to explore homes and neighborhoods, with access to on-demand real estate and financing support when they need it.

We work with major banks, credit unions, and mortgage companies across North America to offer homebuyers a simple and secure way to find their dream home all in one place — on their lender’s website. Our platform makes it possible for financial institutions to become the central point of the homebuyer’s journey to better serve their clients’ needs.

To build on the strengths of this new solution in the lending space, we recently announced the addition of Frederick Townes as co-founder of NestReady, who will focus on developing our AI capabilities in the coming months.

The vision of Navut, to make moving into a new home easy for everyone, is still at the core of what we do at NestReady. We bring together every piece of the fragmented homebuying process so that homebuyers, mortgage lenders, and real estate agents all benefit from one unified ecosystem, where everyone wins.

To learn more about what we do at NestReady, visit our website!

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