The Impact Of COVID On Lenders' Website Traffic In The US

Many lenders (roughly 30% of US-based lenders) have failed to adjust to the demand for online services, and as a result, they haveexperienced significant traffic loss.


The NestReady Team has analyzed the top 1550 lenders across the US to see what impact COVID had and continues to have on
their website traffic. A third of lenders failed to adapt to the
desired user experience, and as a result, they have been losing traffic. Both small, mid-size, and large lenders experience traffic loss due to a change in user behavior.

Here's some top highlights from the white-paper:

  • 426 lenders (27%) out of 1556, are losing traffic,
    with 232 lenders' websites experiencing a
    significant loss (10% or more).
  • 149 mid-size and large lenders have been losing
    website traffic due to the pandemic.
  • 1105 lenders (71%) have not experienced traffic
    loss and saw an increase in traffic.

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