What Are Zillow, Trulia, and Redfin’s Most Used Hashtags to Attract Homebuyers?

Continuing with our series on discovering the best marketing strategies and communication utilized by the top real estate platforms to attract homebuyers, we wanted to take a look specifically at three of the largest real estate platforms right now:  Zillow, Trulia, and Redfin.

While most lenders and real estate companies have limited marketing resources, these companies have ample marketing teams that dedicate a significant amount of time to fine tunning their message and communication to attract homebuyers. So what can we learn from them?

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Why Use Hashtags to Attract Homebuyers?

Hashtags have been growing in popularity and are not limited to Twitter anymore. In fact, hashtags are widely used on most social media platforms. They allow your brand to connect to a topic and become part of that conversation. So even if a user is not following your brand on a social media platform, but is following a hashtag, they will see your post. As communication and marketing become more dependent on social media, it is essential for brands to become part of these conversations.

How Often Is Zillow Using Its Top Hashtags?

The NestReady Team analyzed the usage of hashtags per platform, starting with Zillow. #Brandname is often an obvious choice as the most common hashtag. The hashtag #socialsurvey is the second most used hashtag. #mortgage is used 19% of the time by Zillow, and they only started offering mortgages as of 2019! It clearly shows how invested they are in this side of the business.

The hashtags #openhouse, #homebuying, #homeownership, #homebuyers, #housing, when combined, appear more than 20% of the time on the social media posts shared by Zillow. It is also interesting to notice that terms #realtor, #realtors, and #realtorslife show up very often when combined; it shows a close working relationship between real estate agents and Zillow.

Zillow also gives us a sneak peek at their primary target markets using the hashtags #millennials, #firsttimehomebuyers, and #investing, also mentioned as #investment.

How Often Is Zillow Using Its Top Hashtags?

How Often Is Trulia Using Its Top Hashtags?

Trulia only uses a small set of hashtags frequently on social media posts. With #realtor being their most commonly used hashtag followed by #zillow. Surprisingly, they do not use their brand name as a hashtag, but they do use a competitor’s.

The primary usage of hashtags by Trulia is to reinforce their partnerships with real estate agents, as we see them refer to by two hashtags: #realtor and #broker. 

How Often Is Trulia Using Its Top Hashtags?

How Often Is Redfin Using Its Top Hashtags?

There are only three hashtags that Redfin frequently uses, which are #mortgage, #homebuyers, and their brand name, #Redfin. Interestingly, in the usage of these hashtags is that there is very little variation in the frequency, each of them is used roughly the same amount of times. 

Redfin is not exploring hashtags for strategic marketing purposes yet and is sticking to the basics by mentioning only their brand name, leading business, and primary general target market.

How Often Is Redfin Using Its Top Hashtags?

What Can We Learn From the Top Hashtags Used by Zillow, Trulia, and Redfin?

Out of these top three real estate platforms, only Zillow explores the full strategic strength of hashtags in social media marketing. Trulia and Redfin have a long way to go to catch up!

Zillow teaches us valuable lessons by utilizing hashtags that refer to their brand, principal business, and business arms, their partners, different sections of their target markets, and other interests related to their business, such as #homeimprovement.

So if you are looking to attract homebuyers, you should be using some of these hashtags! And remember to offer content that is relevant and engaging to your public. 

To read the complete report, download it here.

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