What Are the Top Words Used to Attract Homebuyers?

As we continue our research to further understand the best marketing strategies and communication utilized by the top real estate platforms to attract homebuyers, we wanted to look at the top words and phrases. Our team has analyzed the 13 leading real estate marketplace platforms to understand what phrases they use to attract homebuyers across various social media platforms. 

We have already analyzed the top hashtags utilized by these companies and were able to identify over 200 hashtags used by real estate platforms on social media. We discovered multiple dominant hashtags that various companies use on our shortlist. Read more about it in our previous post, or to read the complete report, download it here

Words Used By Most Real Estate Platforms

When we looked into the words and phrases that are used by most of the 13 top real estate platforms, we were surprised to see that positive and encouraging terms such as advice, opportunity, and impact, and also curiosity inducing terms such as sneak peek, are surprisingly used by more real estate platforms than industry-related words such as homes, estate, buying, and selling.

It shows that their focus goes much further than the scope of what they sell, real estate, to include the other interests and day-to-day topics that also affect their target market. This strategy is essential in providing valuable and relatable content that will keep homebuyers engaged with the brand for the long term. As the homebuying journey is often long, keeping homebuyers engaged from their first visit and returning to their platform often is one of the keys for real estate platform companies.

what are the most common words/phrases

Words Used Most Often By Real Estate Platforms

Though we see words like COVID, or Coronavirus appearing among all of the platforms, if we look at it from a percentage of time used perspective, those are not used often. Words like estate, homes, housing, property, buying, buyers, and selling are the most frequently used in terms of percentage.

most common word usage

It is also interesting to note that the usage of the word homes, which is more personal and emotional, is much higher than words such as property or house, which are more impersonal. As these platforms understand that a home’s purchase is a highly emotional and personal decision, they adjust their language accordingly.

For some of the platforms, the word "advice" appears 20% of the time on their posts and shares. For some readers, it might be easier to look at the commonly used words in a cloud form, which our team includes below. The word cloud highlights the same trend: estate, housing, and buying are among the dominant concepts and phrases. 

word cloud most common words used

So if you are looking to attract homebuyers, these are some of the words and phrases you should be using as well! And remember to offer content that is relevant and engaging to your public. 

To read the complete report, download it here.

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