What Are the Top Hashtags Used to Attract Homebuyers?

With the exponential growth of digital marketing and communication driven by the pandemic, real estate platforms are getting more creative in their tactics to attract homebuyers. Our team has analyzed the 12 leading real estate marketplace platforms to understand what hashtags and phrases they use to attract homebuyers across various social media platforms. 

Today we will focus specifically on hashtags, to read the complete report download it here.

We were able to identify over 200 hashtags used by real estate platforms on social media. We discovered multiple dominant hashtags that are used by various companies on our shortlist. Companies use these hashtags about 10 percent more often than other hashtags found in this study. We saw some very obvious hashtags used by multiple platforms, such as #mortgage, #homebuying, and #openhouse. However, there were several hashtag choices and phrases that were new to us. 

Most Used Hashtags

Some of the most repeated hashtags are: #openhouse, #mortgage, #homebuying, #homesforsale, #dreamhome, #newhome, #homebuyers. Seven or more companies out of the 12 analyzed within this study use these hashtags. 

Hashtags like #decor, #interiordesign, #design, #homedecor, and related keyword combinations are very popular among real estate platforms, but less obvious choices. They are clearly aiming to attract homebuyers from a different angle.

Out of 12 Platforms like Zillow, Trulia, Redfin and alike - what are the most common hashtags?

Screen Shot 2021-02-10 at 9.47.04 AM

If we look at the most popular hashtags among the 12 companies, what percentage of times does each company use these hashtags compared to all the other hashtags? For example, #openhouse is used by 11 out of 12 companies, but the usage varies from 16% to 2.4% and averages at around 9%.

If we were to visualize all of the hashtags and create a word cloud, we would get the following graphic, which highlights the most repeated hashtags used by real estate platforms. 

Screen Shot 2021-02-10 at 9.15.49 AM

Some of the most popular and high performing hashtags are #openhouse, #realtor, #mortgage, #homebuying, these hashtags are used more than 10% of the time when compared to all other hashtags. 

So if you are looking to attract homebuyers, these are some of the hashtags you should be using! And remember to offer content that is relevant and engaging to your public. 

To read the complete report download it here.

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