Engaging Homebuyers Early in the Process

Some lenders might still believe that borrower engagement starts with a mortgage application, but it is becoming increasingly clear that this is not true. If mortgage lenders wait for a mortgage application to then engage with leads, the risk for loss of business is extremely high as it is known that most homebuyers look into more than one lender before deciding where to apply for their mortgage loan.

The goal is to meet the homebuyer at the earliest possible stage in their journey, and cater to their wants and needs at the time. By providing a smooth and user-friendly experience from the get-go, mortgage lenders are better positioned to get a mortgage application or a contact request when the user reaches that stage.


Catering to All Homebuying Stages

In order to increase conversions for leads that visit lenders’ websites, it is necessary to differentiate yourself with a seamless experience and effective strategy that caters to all the homebuying stages, and the right tools to support the complete process.

While some homebuyers may start their journey by visiting mortgage lender’s websites, few would be ready to apply for a pre-approval right away, since it requires commitment, having your paperwork and documentation on hand, and is definitely not the most exciting part of the homebuying journey. 

In fact, a study by NARS research group found that 44% of all homebuyers started their journey by searching for homes online. This is an activity where homebuyers spent a large amount of time, especially with the growing trend of doing as much as possible by yourself online. It provides a great opportunity to introduce the homebuyer to a trusted mortgage lender, meeting them exactly where they are, and providing for their current needs and wants, while also keeping the lender front and center, so the homebuyer can reach out anytime they wish.


Building Engagement Earlier

At NestReady our goal is to help you provide the digital homebuying experience your clients dream of. NestFinder, our end-to-end personalized platform makes it easy for your clients to browse homes at the very beginning of their homebuying journey, so they can start to understand what they can afford and get an idea of what is available on the market. Once they feel comfortable and ready to get matched with a Loan Officer and a Real Estate Agent, they can let us know and receive support from the comfort and safety of their homes. 

An integrated and seamless experience that caters to the very early stages of homebuying while keeping the mortgage lender top of mind throughout the journey. Allowing the lender to become the central point of the clients’ homebuying journey from start to finish, supporting them through every step. While also providing the lender with visibility on homebuyers' progress, increasing meaningful engagement, and better serving their needs.

Strengthening your Real Estate relationships by providing them with leads that are in the optimal stage of homebuying and protecting their closing efforts.

Learn more about how you can offer the NestFinder experience to your clients.

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