The Need to Continue Building on the Housing Technology Boom

2020 was a challenging year, but where there are challenges there are also innovators. The technology development and adoption experienced by the housing industry in 2020 was essential in order to keep it running. Mortgage lenders and real estate agents worked together to offer safe and convenient alternatives to the usual processes. But now, how do we guarantee that all the development in the housing industry keeps on growing?


The Improved Homebuying Experience

Innovative tech companies such as Amazon, Google, and Apple have set a high standard for experiences, frictionless, fast, and convenient. Every day, experiences like those become more and more expected in all industries, especially by millennials. 

While the homebuying industry had been making developments in integrating technology and making their processes faster and more convenient, it still had a very long way to go when compared to a lot of other industries. With the beginning of the pandemic, the combination of staying at home orders and a booming housing industry placed a strong pressure on lenders and real estate agents to adapt quickly, and that was exactly what they did. 

Online home searches, virtual viewings, virtual appraisals, digital mortgage applications, remote closings, e-signatures, and cloud-based document sharing became must-haves. The industry gained by keeping the booming business flourishing and homebuyers gained by having the experience they had wanted for a long time.


Gaining the Competitive Digital Advantage

Lenders throughout the country can list a number of improvements on processes that they are now able to offer. Those who invested in technology have the competitive edge of offering the customer experience desired by homebuyers.

But as those become more common, it is also necessary to listen to customers’ wishes and go further to differentiate yourself in the market and keep the competitive advantage. The industry is still booming, and real estate agents and lenders are eager to adopt new technologies, its time to keep building on the housing technology boom.

At NestReady our goal is to help you provide the digital homebuying experience your clients dream of. Our end-to-end personalized platform makes it easy for your clients to search for homes, get matched with an agent, and receive mortgage and real estate support whenever they need it. An integrated, seamless experience that allows your clients to continue to reach their real estate goals from the comfort and safety of their homes. 

Learn more about how you can offer the NestFinder experience to your clients.

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