The Advantages of Supporting Homeowners on Every Step of the Journey

We have all heard about how important it is to stay in touch with clients; it keeps you top of mind, generates referrals, and repeated business. But in the busier than ever mortgage industry of today, how can mortgage lenders stay in touch with homeowners?  And even if they do find the time to reach out, what value can they provide?

NestReady provides lenders and real estate professionals with innovative technological tools that empower homeowners and homebuyers. With our newest tool, NestEngage, lenders can support their homeowners and help them accomplish their real estate goals, whatever they may be, with ease, from the comfort and safety of their homes. 


Help Homeowners Build Wealth & Achieve Real Estate Goals 

NestEngage contains several notable features. However, its personalized home profile dashboard is beneficial to both homeowners and lenders right now. The home profile dashboard is a unique page created specifically for your client’s property and mortgage loan, which features all the necessary information about their most valuable asset. 

On their property page, your clients can track their homes’ value, mortgage balance, neighborhood information, the prices of homes similar to theirs, and how similar homes are currently doing in the market. These data points and tools empower homeowners to make the right decisions about their real estate goals, whether they want to renovate, refinance, sell, or buy a new home. 

Real estate builds wealth more consistently than almost any other asset, and it is often the most significant investment people make in their lives. The appreciation of properties combined with the ability to leverage this asset in other loans when necessary makes it an excellent investment. As homeowners work to grow their net worth through their real estate goals, there is an opportunity for lenders to support them with personalized information that caters to their goals at each stage.

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Stay In Touch with Homeowners 

By providing homeowners with essential insights, you have the opportunity to stay in touch and provide value to them after the closing and throughout the homeownership journey. As the process is automated, lenders can offer this to all of their clients without taking extra time out of their already busy schedules.

Know When Its the Best Time to Reach Out

While guiding homeowners, NestEngage also provides lenders access to actionable insights about their customers, enabling a better understanding of their customers' refinancing, purchasing, selling, or credit needs and interests. Making it easier for lenders to engage with customers in the right way at the right time.

Receive Referrals & Repeat Business

Keeping in touch with your customers will help you boost not only repeat business but also referrals, as you continuously offer great value and stay top of mind. It is estimated that the average American will buy five homes in their lifetime, and let’s not forget the potential for refinancing and referrals. Read more about how one of our clients is using NestEngage to boost sales and client retention in our latest success case.

Learn more about how you can support and provide value to homeowners with NestEngage.


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