Report: Top Converting Landing Pages Features

If you're looking to gather leads for your business, you need to build a strong landing page. Similar to other marketing tactics, this can be done very well or very poorly, as creating high-performing landing pages has its challenges. It is often challenging to write the perfect copy to engage your visitors, and it's a challenge to find the right image or visuals to convey your message accurately. 

The NestReady Team wanted to make the challenging world of landing pages easier for you, so we came up with a Landing Page Optimization to Maximize Conversions report. But, for this article, we wanted to take the opportunity to summarize what a landing page is, the essential elements of a landing page, and the components you can add to your landing page to increase conversion rates.

Read on to discover the features of high converting landing pages and the elements that you can add to make your landing page stand out.


What is a Landing Page?


A landing page is a standalone web page that is separate from your main website, which is designed to generate leads and increase conversions. Landing pages are different from a standard web page because they do not have a navigation bar, a sidebar, or a footer. Landing pages are missing these elements because marketers want the result to be binary: a visitor will complete the desired action, or they will exit the page. 

There are two types of landing pages - lead generation and click-through. Lead generation landing pages are used to capture user data for future opportunities, such as name, email address, and phone number. Click-through landing pages are used when you need to persuade a user to visit another page on your website to complete the desired action. 

What are the Elements of a Landing Page?


Your headline is one of the most critical elements of your landing page copy. It's the first thing a user sees, and it's the one thing you can be confident that all visitors read. Therefore, you have to take the time to make sure you get your headline just right. The headline should clearly outline what you are offering by communicating your core value in one sentence. Your headline should not be very creative, cryptic, or overly complicated. 


The more complex your headline is, the greater the need for a sub-header. Your sub-header should help you make your offer credible and help you persuade the user to move further into your landing page. 

Hero Image

A powerful image that shows off your offer. This photo should be compelling and relatable; it should be able to entice the user and draw them into your content. This component of a landing page is an excellent opportunity to grab individuals who are more attracted to visuals than text. You must use a custom photo within this section rather than a generic stock photo. 


Only used in lead generation landing pages, a form is a stand-alone 'pop up' or 'web page' that collects user contact information. The form should stand out from the web page, and it has to be visually apparent. A form also has to include copy that convinces the user to give you their contact information. 

Trust Indicators

Trust indicators are verification to users that others vouch for the content, service, or product that you are offering. Trust indicators can be in the form of testimonials, press features, reviews, and customer logos. 

Call to Action

This is the element that a user clicks to take action. Use assertive phrases like "download the ebook now" and powerful design for the button or link, such as using a bright-colored button.

Post Conversion Page

This is your opportunity to take advantage of a new and happy customer and get them to convert again by signing up for a newsletter, downloading your ebook, following you on social media, or buying something with a discount. 

How Can I Make My Landing Page Even Better? 

According to recent studies conducted by Unbounce and EyeView Digital, using dynamic copy within your landing page can increase conversion rates by 31.4%, and using videos in your landing pages rather than a photo can increase conversion rates by 86%.

If you want to learn more about how to make your landing pages perform better, download our most recent white paper here.

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