Report: Landing Page Conversion Averages by Industry

So many marketers understand the importance of a high-converting landing page. However, they struggle to find the necessary information to determine whether or not their landing page is performing in line with industry standards.

That's why the NestReady team, created a white paper which evaluated conversion benchmark data by industry! In this article, I will be summarizing the benchmark data provided. 

B2B & B2C Conversion Rates:


On average, a good business-to-business landing page can convert up to 13.28%.


On average, a good business-to-customer landing page can covert up to 9.87%. 

Industry Conversion Rates:



Overall, landing pages within the vocational studies and job training, credit and lending business consulting, and travel industries have the best conversion rates. 

With regards to industry-specific conversions, on average, about 2.8% of real-estate, 5.5% of credit & lending, and 3.3% of home improvement landing pages convert. With regards to top conversion rates of landing pages for specific industries: 11.2% of real estate, 24.3% of credit and lending, and 14.9% of home improvement landing pages convert. 

What's Next?


To use this data to your advantage, review the conversion rate data from your industry to see how your landing page is doing in comparison to businesses similar to yours. 

Once you have compared your conversion rates with your competitors, you can optimize your landing pages to surpass these averages to become a top performer within your industry.

If you want to learn more about how to make your landing pages perform better, download our most recent white paper here.




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