Report: A/B Testing for Optimal Landing Page Conversions

Research suggests that A/B testing is the most effective and the easiest method of landing page optimization. If you read our previous blog posts, you were informed of all the steps that need to be completed before performing an A/B test on your landing page. 

Within this article, you will discover what A/B testing is, A/B testing software, and what elements of a landing page are typically tested for conversion optimization. 

What is A/B Testing?


 A/B testing is the process of comparing two versions of a web page where one element has been changed to see which performs better—for example, testing two different headlines. Ultimately, whichever version has the highest conversion rate is the winner.

For A/B testing to be effective, you need to ensure that your traffic distribution is proportional, the original web page does not contain content edits, and each test should have only one hypothesis. 

What Do You Test?



  • Headline: Evaluate the core message.
  • Call-to-Action: Typically, test the text on the button.
  • Hero Shot: Try a variation of the photos.
  • Button Design: Test the design to make it stand out.
  • Button Color: Each color has a specific purpose, i.e., blue for links or green to go.
  • Form Length: Typically, the fewer fields, the better; however, some forms need more information than others.
  • Long Copy vs. Short Copy: The typical rule is the shorter the text, the better. However, some products or services require more text to convey the message or value.

What Software Do Most Marketers Use?



44% of American companies use A/B testing software and tools. Of that 44% that use split testing technology, the majority of them use the software Optimizely. The second most common split testing technology US companies use is Google Optimize. In total, there are 53 split testing tools used by companies in the US. The results suggest that the majority of US companies realize the importance of A/B testing and practice it to increase conversions. However, more companies need to use the technological tools available to accurately and efficiently test their landing pages. 

How Important is A/B Testing?


60 % of companies believe that A/B testing is highly important for landing page conversion optimization. A/B testing gives you the ability to create the best version of your landing page. However, the process can sometimes be complicated. That's why marketers should use the tools and software that are available to make the testing process as efficient and swift as possible. 

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