NestReady and Resource Financial Services to optimize the homebuying experience


Resource Financial Services has recently partnered with a proptech firm that's been developing platforms to connect everyone involved in homebuying together, NestReady, to create a solution for all of the things mortgage lenders need.

The South Carolinian company chose NestReady to optimize the mortgage journey and provide a better experience for consumers. A. Wade Douroux, the CEO of Resource Financial Service, said NestReady offers a trusting platform for homebuyers, where they can safely and openly search for the house that meets all of their needs. Furthermore, the streamlined platform is interactive and helps users access NestReady's network of experienced real estate professionals.

“The growing number of millennials looking to buy a home inspired us to implement services they feel comfortable using and those that will make the homebuying process less intimidating,” Douroux said. “Our partnership with NestReady stemmed from our need to enhance our digital user experience, and we are now able to provide a single platform that streamlines all the difficult parts of the homebuying process. We are excited about the partnership and believe the technology and concept behind what NestReady is offering will change the home purchasing process for the better.”

NestReady has machine-learning technology and predictive analytics capability which Resource Financial's loan originators can use to receive data and retain customers more easily by understanding consumer behavior through analysis, transactional data, etc. These capabilities allow users to make the right decisions, do the right actions, at the right time. Resource Financial Services also stated that another key factor when choosing the partnership was NestReady's access to MLS coverage across the United States.

“At NestReady, we are excited about helping lenders to prepare for the major shift the industry is going through and enable them to own the end-to-end homebuying journey,” said Marcos Carvalho, co-founder and Chief Revenue Officer at NestReady. “With this partnership, we can empower Resource Financial to offer a seamless and streamlined customer experience by integrating mortgage and real estate within the lender’s trusted digital environment while supporting the company’s continued growth.”

NestReady uses its technology to aid in building strong and durable relationships within the real estate industry. The company's platform will put Resource Financial Services at the forefront of the homebuying process and connects its real estate professionals with clients in a collaborative process. NestReady's management has the technology and the financial experience to understand and develop on the needs of all parties within the homebuying journey, including the buyers, lenders, and the real estate agents.