Learn About NestReady’s Growing Team!

As a fintech company with over six years of experience in building innovative tools to empower home buyers to enter the real estate market, NestReady is excited to showcase its growing team! Learn about all of our vital members, from Executives to Engineering, to Marketing and Sales, and many more!


Mauro Repacci - CEO and Co-Founder 

A fourth-generation real estate entrepreneur, Mauro has been working in the industry since he was 14 years old. After completing his MBA from Queen’s University, Mauro launched Navut in 2012, growing the company to 20 employees and over 1 million users. In addition to his role as a board member and CEO of NestReady, Mauro serves as a mentor at Founder Institute, NextAI, and TechStars, and sits on the board of advisors of several technology companies. 

Mauros Headshot

Marcos Carvalho - CRO and Co-Founder 

After living in more than 9 countries and 20 cities around the world, Marcos co-created the first neighborhood finder tool to help fellow immigrants settle into their new cities. Marcos’ second company, Navut, received awards and recognition from organizations such as Google, EY, Videotron and Techstars. An active mentor at the Founder Institute, Holt Fintech Accelerator, Techstars, and a board member of Junior Achievement, Marcos is passionate about advising early-stage entrepreneurs and fostering the entrepreneurial spirit in children. 

Marcos Headshot

Frederick Townes - CTO and Co-Founder 

As a serial technical founder and developer, Frederick has applied his experience to the real estate and mortgage industries for nearly a decade. Prior to NestReady, Townes served as co-founder, CTO, and presidentof Placester, where he helped raise over $100 million in funding. Previously, Townes was the founding CTO at Mashable, one of the top independent media sites worldwide, as well as the founder of W3 EDGE, where he created influential web solutions like W3 Markup, a user interface development service, and W3 Total Cache, a leading web performance optimization framework that powers tens of millions of sites.

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Customer Experience and Success 

Mirela Thoni - Customer Success Manager

At NestReady, Mirela is the Customer Success Manager where she focuses on both on-boarding new clients and making sure the current clients are getting the most out of NestReady’s products. By utilizing her Bachelor's Degree in Hospitality, and an MBA from Concordia University, Mirela is able to provide genuine support to clients as well as provide data analysis and effectively improve her clients processes.

Mirelas Headshot

Outside of work she loves reading and cooking meals that remind her of all the different countries she has lived in.  

Sloan Prevost - Home Search Assistant and Office Manager

At NestReady, Sloan is the Home Search Assistant and Office Manager who assists home buyers in their process from start to finish. Whether it be helping home buyers find the most suitable realtor for their needs, or connecting them to our lenders for a mortgage, she has you covered! Another great fact about Sloan is that she has more than six years of experience in finance and property management under her belt. 

Sloans Headshot

Outside of work, she loves spending time with her husband and her dog Mushu, baking delicious treats and going to as many concerts as possible


Alex VKO - Engineering Manager

As the Engineering Manager at NestReady, Alex has helped to deliver enterprise-grade projects with high scalability for some of the world's largest mortgages institutions. In addition to this, he utilizes his vast experience with materializing ideas and solving technical problems to assist various enterprises and startups all over the world. Since Alex was 14, he has been writing codes and greatly involved in several technological fields. For the past decade, he has devoted entirely to web development, linguist agnostic. Before joining NestReady, Alex held managerial, advisor and executive positions at various  American and Canadian companies.

Alexs Headshot

Outside of work Alex enjoys spending time with his two daughters who mostly occupy his free time, as well as playing his guitar when it is possible.

Débora Setton Brandão - Senior Back-End Engineer

Débora is a member of the Engineering team at NestReady working mostly as a Back-End Engineer, but very interested in all things related to Software Development. From writing and running performant codes to discussing the ever-changing business needs, Débora loves the challenge. She holds a Computer Engineering degree from the University of São Paulo, in Brazil, where she was born and raised. She is also interested in teaching and education, and created and taught a course for undergraduate Engineering students at the same University. 

Deborahs Headshot

Débora loves spending time with her husband, family, and friends such as trying out new restaurants to watching movies to talking about any topic.

Felipe Pedroni Favoreto - Senior Back-End Engineer

As a Computer Engineer with a Master's Degree and ten years of work experience Felipe has joined NestReady as a Back-End Engineer. Previously he has worked as a Developer of highly scalable web applications, embedded C and Web applications for Telecommunication Equipments, with different programming languages. In addition, he has also contributed as a Software and System Architect and as a Testing Engineer during his career. Felipe strongly believes that those different experiences made him a more complete end-to-end Software Developer. 

Felipes Headshot

In addition to his passion for coding and installing plugins in his VIM editor, Felipe has been practicing rock climbing for five years and can't wait to match the famous Canadian granites.

Gabriel Husek - Senior Front-End Engineer

At NestReady, Gabriel is a Full-Stack Engineer where besides coding, he’s also leading the front-end team to success. At the age of 13, Gabriel started coding, however, he decided to go to law school where he realized that it was not where his passion lied and as a result, he became an Engineer. Since then, he has joined various companies in North America, Brazil, and Europe. Also, Husek can speak a handful of languages even though he sometimes prefers not to speak at all.

Gabriels Headshot

In Gabriel’s spare time, he enjoys learning new programming languages, exploring hack/mod existing hardware, hanging out with his wife and cats, drinking coffee, listening to 80’s goth and playing his guitars.

Jatin Malhotra - Senior Data Scientist

Jatin joined NestReady as a Senior Data Scientist, using AI to build user personalizations and image processing applications. He joined NestReady after working at American Express where he implemented multiple use cases in the space of AI. He also worked with Deloitte and NCR Corporation in the past.

Jatins Headshot-1

Outside of work, he loves spending time with his family and playing with his little one.

Maysa Andrade - Senior UX/UI Designer

Next up is, Maysa who is the UX Design enthusiast and a fan of problem-solving through innovation. As an Interaction Designer Specialist, she focuses on meaning, simplicity, and excellence in each delivery. She seeks to guide her projects to people's real needs to deliver fun and simple solutions to use. For the last 10 years, she has been happily dedicated to study and build interfaces that meet business goals to their users' aspirations. 

Mays Headshot

For free time, she's into reading, playing video games and spending time with her family and friends.

Natasha Reis - Quality Assurance Engineer

Natasha joined NestReady in order to create and maintain the best quality assurance practices for our software projects. By ensuring that NestReady’s platform performs the way it should, she finds great satisfaction in improving users' experience. With over ten years of experience in the field of software testing and strong analytical thinking, Natasha is excited to learn more and provide the best user experience.

Natashas Headshot

Natasha's hobbies include board games, escape rooms, and movies.

Marketing and Sales 

Ivan Roubtsov - Director of Marketing

As Director of Marketing at NestReady, Ivan manages majority of the digital campaigns, while also managing a team of agile marketers. With over 12 years of experience in digital marketing and ad-tech, Ivan has worked with multiple technology companies. He has helped companies like AdGear (acquired by Samsung), Acquisio (acquired by Web.com), Dialogue, nGUVU, Foko Retail, Munvo, and many more to build and scale digital marketing efforts as well as lead generation. Being a studious person at heart, he has studied in the fields of Information Systems & Computer Science, Economics, and Marketing. During his school years, Ivan had started his line of work as a lumberjack in the Northern part of Quebec.

Ivans Headshot-1

Outside of work activities spending time with the family, fishing, clay pigeon shooting, reading, and listening to Joe Rogan podcasts.

Alexandria Myrie - Marketing Specialist

At NestReady, Alexandria is the Marketing Specialist who assists the Director of Marketing in various tasks related to marketing and sales. Since graduating from Bishop's University in Marketing, and Arts Administration she has taken great joy in exploring the tech world especially the fin-tech industry. By working at a company like NestReady, Alexandria has been able to enjoy the various challenges and opportunities that have allowed her to further improve her marketing knowledge. In a way she feels that when she is working in the field that she is passionate about, she isn't 'working', but learning new as well as interesting things everyday. 

Alexandrias Headshot

In her spare time, she enjoys cooking, reading, and exploring nature as well as various restaurants in the city. 

Vanessa Gauthier - Marketing and Sales Coordinator

Vanessa began her journey in the fintech world over two years ago at Finastra and then joined NestReady as an Executive Assistant, where she is now the company’s Sales & Marketing Coordinator. Since graduating with honors from Griffith University with an International Business degree, she has enjoyed the challenges and opportunities of working at industry innovators like NestReady. By working at NestReady, Vanessa loves the amazing team, NestReady’s products and services, and most importantly the office dog!

Vanessas Headshot

In her spare time, she enjoys watching movies, reading in the park, and trying out every different restaurant her city has to offer. 


Théodore Bosle - Financial Analyst

Théo joined NestReady in 2018, before, he created and ran an event production company organizing Disco & House 100% Vinyl events in Montréal and Paris. Théo has always been invested in the startup ecosystem and when he had the chance to work for NestReady, a startup disrupting two sectors he was familiar with, banking and real estate, he jumped to the occasion.

Theos Headshot-1

In his spare time, he enjoys digging and listening to House, Disco and Soul vinyls.

Joy and Smiles


Lola's role in the office varies from giving lots of love to those she meets to trying to sneak a bite of someones lunch. With Lola's amazing and positive energy she is able to bring lots of joy and smiles to everyone in the office.

Lolas Headshot

Outside of the office Lola enjoys going for walks, meeting other people as well as dogs, and most importantly getting a yummy treat for good behavior.  


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