Interview: The Power of Communication with Michelle Bruto da Costa

In today’s tech-forward lending environment, it’s easy for loan officers to lose sight of their most important responsibility: guiding consumers through the loan origination process. For Michelle Bruto da Costa, branch manager at Homebridge Financial Services in Everett, WA, the key to fulfilling that responsibility is communication, and plenty of it.

You can’t overcommunicate with your clients, Michelle told us. “I invest a lot of time on the phone with my customers, their real estate agent, the listing agent. That investment of time has created my business.”

Michelle was inspired to become a loan officer, in part, because of her own experience as a homebuyer. “Basically, everything fell apart at the closing table,” she says of her first home purchase. “I wanted to go out and change that…I never want anyone to go through what happened to me.”

Eighteen years on, that mission has led Michelle to incredible success: she was included in National Mortgage News’ list of the top 400 loan officers in both 2017 and 2018, and was recently named one of the top 100 minority loan officers in the U.S. by The National Association of Minority Mortgage Bankers of America (NAMMBA).

For Michelle, being a great loan originator isn’t about fancy marketing or technology: it’s about building deep relationships with your core connections. For Michelle, those relationships travel in both directions. “I like them to know who I am, because I’m going to get to know them so personally,” Michelle told us. “When you do a loan with somebody, it’s like you’re getting financially naked. I’m going to know everything about you: why shouldn’t you know about me, too?”

In this exclusive audio interview, Michelle Bruto da Costa explains how strong communication can help loan officers grow their businesses sustainably, endure difficult times, and compete with digital-first lenders.

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