Report: Lenders are Missing Out on an Opportunity to Increase Their Search Engine Ranking

A robust search engine optimization strategy involves so much more than merely producing content that is keyword optimized. Other factors have a significant impact on a site's search engine ranking, such as backlinks. But, not all backlinks are the same in the eyes of Google. Backlinks from .edu and .gov domains are far more authoritative in terms of SEO as they are trusted sites.

Within our recent white paper about the SEO ranking of lenders sites, the results showed that most lenders in the US (of the 5750 analyzed) are aware of the impact of .edu and .gov backlinks. However, they are missing out on the opportunity to obtain such links. In this article, I will discuss what .edu and .gov backlinks are, their importance, how many links lenders have, and essential takeaways.

What are .edu and .gov Backlinks?


A .edu backlink is a link coming from an educational domain—for example, a university website, blog, or scholarship page. Similarly, a .gov backlink is a link affiliated with a governmental domain; this can either be from a government blog, a government agency, or a politician.

Why are .edu and .gov Backlinks So Important? 

Backlinks from .edu and .gov domains are a must for any website as they have very high authority and trust, much higher than .com and .net domains. They deliver a strong boost to the website authority and increase your keywords ranking, which leads to more "free" search engine traffic to your site.

You can't register such domains, they are reserved and can only be used by legitimate government organizations and educational institutions. Therefore, Google views these domains as high authority and high trust domains. Getting a link from this type of website is complicated. However, one .edu or .gov link can be worth hundreds of links from .com and .net domains.

How Many .edu and .gov Backlinks Do Lenders Have?

Lenders: Educational: Backlinks: Chart

With regards to .edu links, 2126 lenders in the US have more than one but less than 500 backlinks, 28 lenders have more than 1000 but less than 10,000, and only 22 lenders have more than 50,000 educational links pointing to their site. These numbers signify that the majority of lenders are struggling to obtain educational links. However, a few lenders are thriving at gaining links to give them a significant traffic boost.

Lenders: Government: Backlinks: Chart

With regards to .gov links, 2872 lenders in the US have more than one but less than 500 backlinks whereas, 52 lenders have more than 50 k government links pointing to their websites.


The findings suggest that the majority of lenders are struggling to obtain both .edu and .gov backlinks. Therefore, missing out on a grand opportunity to drastically improve their search engine ranking, this is probably because obtaining such links is not very easy. However, it doesn't have to be so difficult. Getting a .edu backlink could be something simple like participating in a university job fair and asking for a link from the event page.

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