Report: 72 % of Lenders Know the Importance of Backlinks, But Are Failing to Obtain This Crucial Element

In today’s digital world, having a strong website is a crucial element to the success of lenders. From developing strong marketing campaigns to investing in search engine optimization strategy to obtaining backlinks, there are a variety of methods and tools that can help lenders build successful sites with authoritative search engine rankings that will reach the right audience.

In particular, having a strong backlink profile has been proven to increase the ranking of a given website drastically. Within our most recent white paper, which analyzed the search engine ranking of 5750 lenders in the US, the results showed that 72 % of lenders were aware of the importance of backlinks. However, the majority of them either did not have many backlinks, or they lacked referring domain diversity, which suggests that they are struggling with getting organic traffic. 

Read on to learn more about backlinks and their importance, lenders’ backlinks profiles, and referring domain diversity. 

What are Backlinks, Backlink Profile, and Referring Domain Diversity?


Backlinks are links from other sites that point to pages on your website. Your backlink profile is made up of backlinks from referring domains (other sites) that contribute to the strength, relevance, and diversity of your domain’s backlink profile. 

Referring domains are sites from which the target site has backlinks. The total number of backlinks a website has can either include links from the same domain or multiple domains.

Why are Backlinks and Domain Diversity Important? 

Backlinks act as votes of confidence to search engines that other websites enjoy or validate your website. The more links your website has, the more likely it will be that you rank for relevant searches. The more backlinks a domain has from different referring domains, the more organic traffic it will receive.

With that being said, domain diversity is essential because having several links from the same domain does not have equal value as backlinks from unique domains in the eyes of google. Every recurring link from the same domain towards your website gives less Search Engine Optimization value. As a result, lenders must focus on getting backlinks from different sites.

How Many Backlinks Do Lenders Have?

US Lenders Backlinks: Website: ChartTwo thousand sixty-two lenders on our list struggle to get their backlink numbers beyond 1000. This number is relatively low in terms of backlinks for a reputable site. When it comes to having a strong backlink profile, the amount of lenders websites is sparse. The results also show that lenders are failing to compete against home listing and lender platforms like Zillow. Zillow has over 57 million backlinks pointing to their website, which gives them a lot of authority in the eyes of Google. There are only 38 lenders in the US that have equal or more backlinks when compared to Zillow.

How Many Domains do Lenders Have Pointing to Their Sites?

US Lenders: Unique Referring Domains: Chart

These results suggest that the majority of lenders realize the importance of the number of backlinks. However, they struggle to get good referring domain diversity. Three thousand two hundred thirty-five lenders have less than 500 referring domains, which indicates that many of their backlinks are coming from the same website. And in turn, these sites are losing value in the eyes of Google.


The primary challenge for US lenders is that most of them don't have many backlinks. What makes the situation worse is that most lenders' websites have multiple links from the same domains that Google completely ignores. 

This point is significant because backlinks are one of the top variables considered by search engines to decide the level of authority, ranking, and organic search traffic a website is going to get!

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