Mortgage Lead Generation Solutions for Mortgage Lenders with NestReady

With the growing trend of homebuyers exploring the digital home-buying journey, lenders need to look beyond the mortgage application process. Furthermore, mortgage lenders should consider how they can add more value to their clients throughout the home buying process. Since 85% of home buyers start their journey on a mortgage lender’s website it is essential for credit union members to know they can get the best rate and service from their primary financial institution. At NestReady, our goal is to provide a platform that will allow for ease and trust in the home buying process with all those involved. 

NestReady offers a complete end-to-end solution where the home buying process is streamlined to include everything from selecting neighborhoods and real estate agents to lenders and mortgage professionals. With NestReady’s machine learning and artificial intelligence-powered technologies, loan originators are able to provide an automated and customizable experience. Therefore, allowing mortgage lenders to help prepare mortgage borrowers to make effective home-buying decisions.

Competition in the Mortgage Lending Landscape 

As the real estate industry competition intensifies, alternative lending institutions that focus on mortgage lending, banks and credit unions must be able to differentiate themselves as a valuable and trusted brand for each homebuyer need. With Zillow, Quicken Loans, loanDepot, Opendoor, KW, RE/MAX, Bank of America and many others spending millions of dollars in building their own end-to-end experience, it’s imperative for credit unions to get ahead of the game and provide the streamlined digital experience their members are looking for. By building a relationship with potential homebuyers and utilizing NestReady’s mortgage lead generation platform, one can formulate detailed member insights, enhance targeting practices, increase conversions and save a substantial amount on mortgage brokers’ referral fees.

The Benefits of Connecting with NestReady

One of NestReady’s most valued credit union clients that have been assisted in providing its customers with a better home buying experience is West Community Credit Union. With over 20,000 members and eight locations throughout the greater St. Louis area, as well as in Missouri, West Community has strived to offer the most advanced technology available. Upon discovering NestReady’s solutions, West Community’s President and CEO, Jason Peach, believed he had found a solution that could greatly improve the company’s lead generation and user experience in the mortgage lending process. Peach explained, “Enhancing West Community’s digital user experience was paramount, and now we are going to be able to provide a single platform that streamlines the more challenging aspects of the homebuying process. The partnership, the technology and the concept behind the NestReady offering will transform our home buying process for the better.”

In addition to forming close customer relations with West Community Credit Union, NestReady has had the opportunity to form a client partnership with Michigan based CUSO CU Solutions Group (CUSG). Through this partnership, NestReady has been able to provide CUSG with exclusive credit union industry rights to NestReady’s solutions. As part of the agreement, CUSG is also investing in NestReady as well as assisting in providing NesReady’s solutions to credit unions across the US. 

In light of the partnership, Dave Adams, President, and CEO of CUSG mentioned, “In today’s changing market, credit unions are always looking for new and valuable resources to help their members. Our partnership with NestReady will enable credit unions to offer members Zillow-like home pricing services while making credit unions more likely to secure the mortgage loans associated with these decisions.”

In addition, CUSG’s Timmy Bohlman, COO, and Chief Officer of Technology Solutions stated, “From finding a home, connecting with real estate agents and credit union lending officers, and completing the loan process, NestReady’s homebuying journey deepens the relationship between members and credit unions, and offers insights to help cater to a member’s needs. With the next generation of homebuyers moving into a mobile and remote environment, NestReady’s capabilities are crucial in maintaining the member connection and expected exemplary service the credit union space offers.”

Mortgage Lead Generation Solutions with NestReady

NestReady’s NestFinder is designed to maintain the look and feel of a lender’s website and serves as an extension of the client’s mortgage shopping experience. To enhance the lender’s mortgage lead conversion and retention potential, NestFinder also integrates various call-to-action components, increasing the lender’s brand impressions. The lender has full control over the selection of the services. 

In addition to NestReady’s NestFinder’s platform, there is a NestFinder for Loan Officers. This platform helps loan officers build trust and maintain strong relations with the homebuyers regardless of the channel used. The focus of this platform is to allow mortgage lenders to promote their brand as the main source of financing on any property for sale. The features of this platform are very similar to NestReady’s NestFinder, except here loan officers can create personalized platform displays that only their own contact information experience. The platform also provides an analytics insights engine for monitoring customers’ behavior on the platform.

Lastly, NestReady’s latest innovation is NestEngage. This platform engages current clients and provides them with valuable content related to their current homes, allowing lenders to build stronger relationships with their clients and increase retention. It includes a responsive page with a unique URL created for each property address the lender has financed in the past combined with personalized marketing campaigns.

In Conclusion

It is important to be aware that today’s homebuyers live in the convenience economy and want to have the same Netflix, Uber and Airbnb experience with their credit unions. That’s what NestReady can do through its plug-and-play white-label platforms. While a digital mortgage process simplifies the application and approval for consumers and credit unions, NestReady believes that true empowerment comes from supporting the member through the whole home buying journey.

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