Loan Originators & Realtors Collaborate Effectively With NestReady

Over the last two decades, technology has dramatically reshaped the process of finding and purchasing a home. Despite these advancements, however, the homebuying journey remains frustratingly disjointed. This is true not just for consumers, but also for the professionals who serve them—especially loan officers and real estate agents.

In many ways, loan officers and realtors share the same goal: to help their clients purchase the home that fits their needs. Yet loan officers and realtors often regard one another a type of lead, rather than partners with whom they can collaborate toward that shared goal. As a result, these professionals find themselves working at cross-purposes, both in the course of a transaction and in their marketing efforts.

By working together to attract and convert their shared audience of homebuyers, loan officers and realtors can reduce acquisition costs, convert more leads, and create a sustained referral pipeline for long-term success. NestReady’s realtor network helps loan officers and realtors collaborate in three key areas: branding, demand generation, and technology enablement.

Loan Originators and Realtors Branding

Today’s real estate consumers are looking for a seamless homebuying experience. That goes for not only discovering their dream home or neighborhood, but also for finding real estate professionals to guide them through the complicated process. 

NestReady’s NestFinder home search solution puts both loan originators and realtors front and center on a white-label platform that they control. Rather than forcing borrowers to find and vet real estate agents on third-party sites like Zillow, NestReady helps them connect with realtors through native, in-platform advertising where they’re already searching. Plus, with NestReady, realtors don’t have to contend with competitors for “featured” placements: instead, members of the NestReady realtor network are featured alongside a partner loan officer, increasing trust in both brands.

Demand Generation

Behind NestReady’s real estate marketplace platform is something even more powerful: a machine learning algorithm that monitors user activity to find the most motivated and high-value homebuyers on a lender’s platform. Loan officers can use this data to determine not only which leads to focus on, but also where, when, and how to communicate with them at every stage of their journey. All of this insight helps lenders generate and convert more leads, which in turn benefits real estate agents who are members of the loan officer’s realtor network. 

Of course, behind these demand generation tools is perhaps the most effective lead generation method: referral marketing. As any loan officer or realtor knows, professional referrals are both cheaper to acquire and easier to close than other kinds of leads. In fact, studies have shown that 60 percent of referred leads close, compared to just 10 percent of non-qualified leads. By connecting loan officers with a network of skilled realtors, NestReady can help both professionals quickly build the relationships they need to establish a mature and profitable referral pipeline.

Loan Originators and Realtors Technology Enablement

Finally, by incorporating realtors into its tech-enabled homebuying ecosystem, NestReady helps both loan officers and real estate agents use their existing technology more effectively.

By incorporating data from consumers’ interactions with both loan officers and realtors into its machine learning algorithm, NestReady helps both groups respond more quickly to address pain points throughout a transaction. To take this a step further, NestReady’s artificial intelligence tools integrate with loan officers’ existing software to suggest follow-up actions and automate tasks, helping them work with realtors to move deals forward faster and provide better service.

Finally, loan officers and realtors also receive additional support from NestReady’s in-house customer service team, which monitors each homebuyer’s journey and steps in to streamline their experience even further. Find out how you and your company can benefit from NestReady's real estate lead generation platform today!  

Want to learn more about how NestReady helps loan officers and real estate professionals collaborate to better serve their clients? Visit our website or get in touch to schedule a demo today.

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