Loan Officer Leads Generation Guide to Native Ads: Tips for Loan Officers

Times have changed for mortgage lenders when it comes to digital display advertising. While sophisticated ad targeting solutions have helped advertisers refine their audiences, those consumers are nevertheless tired of the same old display formats and placements, causing them to ignore ads entirely. This has given rise to native advertising, a type of display advertising in which ads closely resemble the look, feel, and content of the media around them.

To understand the value and trends surrounding native advertising, NestReady created a “Performance Benchmark Cheat Sheet” that examines the potential cost of clicks and conversions for loan officer lead generation via native ads. 

Read on to learn what to expect from native advertising for real estate, and to plan and execute native ad campaigns for generating mortgage leads.

Native Ads Benchmarks for Real Estate & Finance

While estimates vary, the consensus is clear: native display ads have a much higher click-through rate (CTR) than traditional display ads. In fact, AppNexus estimates that the average CTR for a native display ad is between 0.8 percent and 1 percent—that’s 8.8 times higher than the average display ad’s CTR. In the real estate industry, CTRs for native ads are 10 times higher compared to standard display campaigns.

These results make sense when you consider that consumers trust content on publisher sites 24.4 percent more than content they see on social platforms, and look at native ads 53 percent more than display ads. This is likely why 60 percent display ad spending is going to native ads, according to eMarketer. The share is even higher on mobile, with 77 percent of all display ad dollars spent on native placements. 

With better outcomes for both consumers and advertisers, native ads are growing quickly. According to AppNexus, native ad spend in the US will reach the $28 billion mark in 2019, representing a year-over-year increase of nearly 30 percent for the past three years.

Loan Officer Leads Generation Tips for Native Advertising Campaigns

Here are some tips for creating and executing native ad campaigns for loan officer advertising.

  • Treat your ads like content. Native advertising isn’t just about masking your ads to blend in with their surroundings: it’s also about creating ad content that viewers will care about. With that in mind, treat your native ads more like blog posts or infographics, promoting your mortgage lending services indirectly through informative and expert content, rather than salesy offers.
  • Target your audience obsessively. Native ads aren’t a panacea—in fact, their higher CTRs can work against you if you haven’t properly targeted your ads to the audience you’re looking for. To reduce costs and improve your native ads’ conversion rates, use advanced analytics tools and a solid audience data management platform (DMP) to limit your mortgage lead generation to the most relevant and qualified homebuyers.
  • Choose the right native advertising platform. Successful native advertising also depends on choosing the right platform or publication for your audience and industry. NestReady offers lenders a variety of native and in-platform advertising formats and tools for every stage in the homebuying journey, including native formats placements with custom CTAs, audience data and machine learning, and automated lead nurturing campaigns.

Get the Full Performance Benchmarks Report

To learn more about how to plan and measure the success of your native advertising campaigns, be sure to download NestReady’s complete “Performance Benchmark Cheat Sheet” report. It covers average cost-per-click, conversion rates, and more for paid search and display advertising in the real estate and finance industries across the United States. Click here to get your copy of the report.

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