White-Paper | How and Why Most US Lenders Are Losing the Search Engine Ranking Game

With the vast majority of consumers gathering information for loans on the internet, more and more lenders are investing in search engine optimization strategies to attract, convert, and retain clients online.


Our team has looked into: the power of domain ranking, Ahrefs score, referring domains, backlinks, keywords, and traffic value, .gov and .edu backlinks, and more.

We’ve analyzed the search engine performance of 5750 lenders across the US to discover how they are ranking against top competitors like Zillow and why they are losing the search engine ranking game.

  • Ahrefs rank - discover how lenders in the US rank and why they are struggling with getting any organic traffic from Google.
  • Find out how lenders are losing the game when it comes to backlinks acquisition.
  • 41% of US lenders rank for less than 500 keywords - discover how your company's website stacks up when it comes to "search engine keywords footprint".
  • Learn why many lenders have no choice but to buy traffic from Google Ads and Facebook.

Download the report here - https://blog.nestready.ai/white-papers/why-lenders-are-losing-the-search-engine-optimization-game

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