Less Than 10% of Lenders Have a Strong Ranking on Google: Domain Rating Analysis

The findings of our most recent white paper about lenders’ search engine ranking revealed that several of them are having a hard time getting backlinks to their website. This difficulty is due to the low domain rating (DR) of banks’ sites.

Within this article, I will define domain rating, explain why a good domain rating is essential, identify how most lenders rank in terms of DR, and some takeaways. 

What is Domain Rating? 


The Domain Rating (DR) is a measure of how interested other websites are in creating a link that would point to your site. A domain rating assesses the link popularity of a website on a scale of 1 to 100. With 1 being not remotely interested, to 100 being very interested. Sites ranked as 100 are considered excellent link magnets.

Why is a Good Domain Rating Important?

Lenders need to have a strong domain rating because backlinks determine the search engine ranking abilities of a website. The more backlinks a website has, the stronger it’s  authority, and the better its ranking for specific keywords . If a website has an impressive backlink profile, more organic search engine traffic will land on their site. 

If a website has a good domain rating, other websites will want to direct links to that site. Therefore, building their backlink profile and in turn, increasing the amount of organic traffic. If a site has a weak domain rating, they will not have many backlinks pointing to their website, which reduces their organic search possibilities. As a result, they have no choice but to rely on paid campaigns to generate traffic. 

How do Most Lenders in the US Rank?

Lenders- Domain Rating- Chart

Out of the 5750 lenders analyzed, only 5% of lender’s websites had a significant DR rating of 60 or more. This percentage suggests that the majority of lender’s sites are not strong link magnets, and as a result, they have a real challenge in getting backlinks. 

Precisely 4487 (78 %) of lenders have an incredibly low domain rating of 39 and less. This rating suggests that most banks have weak backlink profiles and minimal traffic. As a result, most lenders have to rely on Paid Search and Campaigns to generate traffic for their websites. This reliance is costly, considering that the price per click can vary up to $50 on AdWords.


A good domain rating coupled with a strong backlink acquisition strategy can significantly increase the amount of traffic being directed towards a lenders’ website. Lenders need to think beyond press releases and guest blog posts when it comes to the generation of backlinks.  Lenders should focus on creating backlink acquisition campaigns to improve their numbers and increase their "free" traffic from Google and other search engines.

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