Lenders Organic Traffic: Over 50 % of US Banks Are Struggling To Get Free Web Traffic From Google

Several lenders invest in a search engine optimization strategy to increase their website’s overall ranking and the amount of traffic the website receives. Although they are investing in search engine strategies, several of them are not seeing adequate results. These results are due to ineffective methods and a lack of backlink acquisition. 

Within our new White Paper, the NestReady team analyzed the Ahrefs Rank (AR) of 5750 lenders in the US. Within this article, I will discuss the meaning of Ahrefs Rank and its importance, how lenders rank, and why they are failing in attaining a good Ahrefs ranking. 

What is An Ahrefs Rank?


If you were to sort all the websites in the world by the strength of their backlink profiles, you would get the Ahrefs Rank (AR). Therefore, Ahrefs Rank #1 belongs to the website with the most robust backlink profile (Facebook.com), #2 belongs to the second strongest (Twitter.com), #3 belongs to the third strongest (YouTube.com).

The higher the number of the Ahrefs Rank suggests that the website holds very little authority and has weak search engine ranking capabilities. Healthy sites rank within the top one million, whereas, average performers rank between one and three million, and weak websites rank three million and higher. 

Why is A Good Ahrefs Rank Important?

A good Ahrefs Rank is essential because it acts as a signal to search engines that other websites vouch for and validate your content. The stronger your Ahrefs Rank, the stronger your backlink profile, and the more organic traffic your website will receive from Google.

Lenders should aim to gain as much organic traffic as possible because it’s free traffic going directly to their sites. If a site has a ton of free traffic, money that typically goes towards Google ads can be used for other marketing strategies. 

How Are Most Lenders Performing?

Lenders Ahrefs Ranking - Chart

52 % of the 5750 lenders analyzed have an Ahrefs rank of five million or higher. This percentage suggests that more than half of lenders in the US have very weak websites with inadequate backlink profiles. This ranking indicates that over 50 % of sites are struggling with getting any organic traffic from Google and other search engines.

Alternatively, only 877 lenders have a robust Ahrefs rank of one million or less. These results suggest that less than 15 % of lenders are getting good organic traffic from Google. Lenders are failing to compete with home listings and lender platforms like Zillow that have an Ahrefs rank of 600.  Only 43 out of 5750 lenders have a similar score and can compete with Zillow in gaining organic search traffic.

Why are they Failing?

Many lenders are failing to achieve a good Ahrefs rank because they don't have a strong backlink acquisition strategy. The majority of lenders have few backlinks, therefore, they can easily be picked apart from other websites that have many backlinks.

Typically when a website is at the bottom end of the scale, they have few to no backlinks. When other websites invest in a backlinks acquisition strategy and gain multiple backlinks, their Ahrefs rank can go down significantly. Obtaining few backlinks from a credible source, such as a government website, can positively impact a lenders Ahrefs rank. If lenders invest in a good backlink acquisition strategy, their Ahrefs ranking can improve. 


The majority of lenders have a weak Ahrefs rank and are receiving a minimal amount of free organic traffic from Google and other search engines. Lenders must invest in a backlink acquisition strategy to increase their Ahref rank and improve their overall ranking on search engines.

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