Is NestReady a Digital Marketing Agency?

As of the beginning of 2020, NestReady started offering digital marketing services. With some of our customers asking - “are you a digital marketing agency now?”. We wrote this post to explain it. The quick answer is yes and no. There are some similarities in terms of what we are doing now that could make NestReady look like a digital marketing agency, that being said, we are more of a “growth partner” specialized in fintech and marketing for mortgage lenders.

Differences Between NestReady and A Digital Marketing Agency

The first difference is that agencies generally cover a broad range of industries, anywhere from fashion to construction, with the degree of industry-specific knowledge varying significantly. We focus solely on the industry we are experts in, which is mortgage and real estate for financial institutions. Our industry knowledge and experience combined with our tech is a major differentiator between us and any agency. Constant research is part of our every day, and we are happy to share our expertise to help our clients grow and succeed.

Working with an agency is more of a pay as you go, here’s a budget - let’s build some campaigns, drive leads, create online properties, or do some SEO, etc. What we are trying to develop with our services goes far beyond just building campaigns, websites, and generating leads. We are expanding our motto of “trusted advisor” into the world of marketing technology to help our clients become more successful. We position ourselves as guides or mentors that can help mortgage lenders build their marketing technology stack, rank better, and be more successful at demand-generation online while onboarding technologies like NestFinder and NestEngage. It is this vision of ourselves that differentiates us from an agency. We are here to pass on the knowledge and best practices. We educate our clients on what tech to use and how, while factoring in the niche rules of the industry and decades of experience. Believe it or not, few to no agencies will share their secrets on running successful campaigns, ranking #1 on Google, and economically generating leads. After all, most agencies believe if they were to do this, it would put them out of business. 

What We Offer

With NestReady, our core offering is in fintech with the NestFinder and the NestEngage platforms which bring me to my main point. These platforms can be more successful when there is marketing around it. Things like content production, conversion and behavioral optimization of the website, website ranking optimization, and SEO, paid traffic acquisition on Google Ads or social media networks, and press releases come into play. Some of our clients have the resources in house to execute all of the marketing campaigns and techniques needed to successfully launch our platforms by themselves. Others prefer to have more support, and it was this need that brought us to offer NestReady’s Digital Marketing Services. In some cases, clients need help with PR and content production. In other cases, our clients need help with competitive technology, campaign analysis, and paid traffic acquisition. Almost all of the time we help our clients' websites rank better locally for a variety of industry keywords. Check out some of our case studies here or read a keyword optimization success case from one of our South Carolina customers - where we got them to rank on page #1 on Google for the keywords “mortgage company” and “home loans”. 

When our clients purchase our platforms they also gain the opportunity of creating relevant content. Homebuyers are interested in reading valuable content that aggregates to their knowledge. And when our clients do not have the resources to write this content, this is also something we can do for them, as we are fully focused on the mortgage and real estate industries.

Our Goal

Our goal is not to run digital campaigns full time for you, but to help your team fill in missing pieces on the marketing side, and coach your marketers on how to do things better now that you have NestFinder and NestEngage technologies. If you were to ask me again if we are a digital marketing agency? I would say that we are "digital activation" or "marketing coaches" that are here to share the knowledge that will help your team get to the next level of marketing powered by a real estate marketplace and customer engagement technology.

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