NestReady's Homebuyer Cash Reward

We are already starting the year with another family taking advantage of NestReady’s homebuyer cash reward program!

When Lindsay and John*, decided it was time to start looking for homes the most convenient way was going through their Credit Union’s NestFinder platform, “I was already a member and so I saw the program on their website, I thought it was an easy way to start looking for homes. It was very convenient to find everything I needed on my Credit Union’s website and just go from there” says Lindsay. 

The cash reward program, a reward of 0.5% of the value of the property, is offered to homebuyers who purchase with one of NestReady’s recommended Real Estate Agents. According to Lindsay, the cash reward program certainly made the difference,  “It was definitely what triggered the initial interest…what put me over the edge and made me decide was the cash reward.” 

As buying a new home comes with many different costs, the cash reward is always helpful. It can be used for moving costs, buying new furniture, having minor repairs taken care of, or even renovating the home. 

Another decisive point was NestReady’s recommended Real Estate Agent selected by our Home Search Assistant especially for Lindsay from a list of vetted agents, as Lindsay pointed out “The best part was getting connected to a reputable real estate agent...our realtor was great, very professional, not pushy, we just get along very well.”

With a new home and a cash reward, we wish our latest homebuyers a great 2021 and all the best in their homeowning journey!

Learn more about how you can offer NestReady’s NestFinder platform and cash reward program to your clients.

*Names modified for privacy.

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