Home Types and Their Popularity Across the US

Have you ever wondered what types of homes are the most popular, according to the American public? Our team here at NestReady were curious about this, so we decided to use Google trends data to analyze the changes in popularity for different property types over time across the United States.


We evaluated the following property types: log, colonial, ranch, cape cod, bungalow, victorian, contemporary, Mediterranean, tiny, townhouse, and mid-century modern homes in the following timeframes: 2004-present, past five years, past 12 months, and past 90 days. Popularity was measured in two ways: interest over time and search interest. 

Interesting Findings:


In the past 12 months, the people of Utah have shown a lot of interest in Victorian homes.

google trends-chart-victorian-homes-utah

In the past 90 days, Arizona has the highest number of searches for Mediterranean homes.

chart-mediteranean home-trends-popularity

In late February, mid-century homes reached its peak popularity for the search term.

chart-mid-century-homeWant to see the results? 


To see the full analysis, check out our interactive web page here: https://www.nestready.ai/home-buying-trends-and-popularity-by-type



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