Feature Spotlight: NestEngage Supporting Both Homeowners and Lenders

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, millions of people across North America have either lost their jobs or have been asked by their employers to take a salary cut, the economy has taken a turn for uncertainty. With people turning to their financial institutions and lenders for solutions, service providers must have the best tools and technology to provide clients with the support they need to continue to accomplish their real estate goals.

NestReady provides lenders and real estate professionals with innovative technological tools that empower homeowners and homebuyers. With our newest tool, NestEngage, lenders can access the necessary information to provide the best answers to their clients' questions and concerns so they can accomplish their real estate goals, whatever they may be, with ease from the comfort and safety of their home. 

While today we are highlighting how NestEngage supports both lenders and homeowners, learn more about it’s actionable insights and how it empowers homeowners in our previous blog posts.


Feature Spotlight: Supporting Both Homeowners and Lenders

These days there are more clients than ever before coming in through mortgage lenders’ doors, but how can you capitalize on this momentary opportunity and turn it into a career-long success?

You need to become part not only of the homebuying stage, but of the homeownership journey. Staying in touch with clients keeps you top of mind for their future needs and also for referrals to family and friends, but of course doing this manually would be a lot of extra work in an already busy schedule.

By providing your clients with NestEngage, you can stay in touch automatically while also providing clients with valuable financial guidance and insight related to their property and real estate goals.

While guiding homeowners, NestEngage gives lenders access to actionable insights, which enables a better understanding of their customers' refinancing, purchasing, selling, or credit needs and alerting you when a client shows a particular interest. Enabling lenders to engage with customers in the right way at the right time and boost client retention. 

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