Feature Spotlight: NestEngage's Actionable Insights

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, millions of people across North America have either lost their jobs or have been asked by their employers to take a salary cut or reduce their hours to compensate for the current state of the market. As a result, people are turning to their financial institutions and mortgage bankers for solutions and support during these uncertain times. In turn, mortgage lenders and banks need the best tools and technology on the market to provide their clients with the support they need to accomplish their real estate goals.

NestReady provides lenders and real estate professionals with innovative technological tools that empower homeowners and homebuyers. With NestReady’s new tool, NestEngage, lenders have access to the necessary information to provide the best answers to their clients’ questions and concerns so they can accomplish their real estate goals with ease. NestEngage provides homeowners with the resources they need to feel confident about their homeownership journey. Read on to discover the features of NestEngage that will help lenders empower their clients during these uncertain times. 

Feature Spotlight: Actionable Insights


NestEngage contains several notable features, including actionable insights that help homeowners better understand their real estate needs and aids lenders in assisting their clients to satisfy such needs. While using NestEngage, users can view nearby home sales activity, average prices of homes similar to their property, and a refinancing calculator. Lenders can also access this information to understand their customers' refinancing, purchasing, selling, or credit needs. With this feature, both lenders and homeowners can engage with one another when the homeowner is ready to move onto the next steps to achieve their goals. 

Supporting Homeowners throughout the Homeownership Journey with NestEngage

Depending on what stage they are in their homeownership journey, every homeowner has their own set of real estate goals they wish to accomplish, and NestEngage’s actionable insights can help homeowners achieve their goals.

For Refinancing: For homeowners who are tight on cash or want to save some money on monthly payments by refinancing their mortgage, NestEngage’s actionable insights can help. Within this segment of the platform, homeowners can access an in-depth mortgage tracker and refinancing calculator, which highlights their current mortgage, a new mortgage, and how much they can save monthly as well as throughout the mortgage term if they choose to refinance. 

For Selling: For homeowners who are considering selling their home, NestEngage’s actionable insights can help them make an informed decision. Within this segment, users can view nearby sales activity highlighting houses for sale and for how much, what houses sold for in their neighborhood, and the average prices for homes that are similar to their property. This information can help homeowners price their house correctly or determine whether or not it is now the best time to sell based on how home sales in the area are going. Also, if homeowners want to sell their home for a specific price to purchase their dream home or to put money aside for savings, they can use the average cost of homes chart to see if that is possible. For example, if their home will currently sell for a price on the lower edge of the curve, they may want to hold off until the price goes up to make the most out of their home.

nestengage 2For Renovating: Like homeowners interested in selling, users can use the actionable insights segment, which highlights nearby sales activity to identify how much they should invest in renovations to make sure that their house is priced on par with other homes in the area. This section will also prevent homeowners from spending too much on renovations and repairs. 

Discover NestEngage

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