Feature Spotlight: How NestEngage Empowers Homeowners

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, millions of people across North America have lost their jobs bringing the unemployment rate to a record high. On the other hand, many employees who are still working have been asked to either take a salary cut or reduce their hours to compensate for the current market and business losses. Now, more than ever, people are turning to their financial institutions and mortgage brokers for support. In turn, mortgage lenders and banks need the best tools on the market to help their clients during this time. 

With NestEngage, lenders can provide answers to their clients' questions so they can accomplish their real estate goals, along with providing the resources homeowners need to feel confident about where they are in their homeownership journey. Read on to discover the features of NestReady’s new tool, NestEngage, that will help you empower your clients during these uncertain times. 

Feature Spotlight: Personalized Home Profile Dashboard


NestEngage contains several notable features. However, its personalized home profile dashboard is especially helpful to both homeowners and lenders right now. The home profile dashboard is a unique page created specifically for your client’s property and mortgage loan, which features all of the necessary information about their most valuable asset. On their property page, your clients can track their home’s value, mortgage balance, neighborhood information, the prices of homes similar to theirs, and how similar homes are currently doing in the market. These data points and tools empower homeowners to make the right decisions about their real estate goals, whether they want to renovate, refinance, sell, or buy a new home. 

Home Profile Dashboard Providing Value to Homeowners 

Having access to a personalized home profile dashboard allows your customers to efficiently accomplish their homeownership or real estate goals all in one place. Currently, many of your customers may want to take advantage of the record-low mortgage rates by refinancing their mortgage. By refinancing, your customers can reduce their monthly payments and compensate for a decline in family income due to the pandemic. With their property profile, your clients can easily track the state of their mortgage loan to accomplish this goal.

If one of your customers wants to sell their property, having a home profile dashboard that allows them to fully understand the value of their home is essential for pricing their home correctly to ensure a swift sale on the market. Having the tools and insights to understand the value of their neighborhood, along with the price of their home, is very significant if your client is interested in renovating and considering selling later on. Renovations are made for two primary reasons, making the house a better place to live in or revamping the house for sale to get a higher price. However, if your client's home is already priced on the higher end of the spectrum for houses in their neighborhood, spending a lot of money on home improvements may not help them as it may be deemed as overpriced for the area. These are just a few examples of how NestEngage’s personalized home profile dashboard can help mortgage lenders provide value to homeowners.

Discover NestEngage

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