Report: Discover the Top Traffic Generating Stories For Lenders

Within our white paper, the NestReady Team analyzed over 87,000 blog posts across 3000 lenders to determine what articles and blog posts written by US-lenders produced the most traffic. We came up with a list of 1500 top ideas that generate a lot of traffic and deliver a significant percentage of the overall traffic to lenders' websites through our analysis. Read on to discover the secrets from over 3000 lenders and discover their top website traffic generating ideas.

What are The Top Stories Among The List of 1500?

Here’s an overview of the top blog posts written and published by lenders that produced significant website traffic. 

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In both cases, the top story by the total number of traffic brought to a lenders' website, and the percentage of traffic is "How To Identify Numbers On Your Check" with the URL slug "how-identify-numbers-your-check." This article alone brought and continues to generate about 70% of the lender,, website traffic. It also results in about 27,000 monthly visits. When compared to every article analyzed within this study, the story generated the most traffic out of all of them. 

The findings suggest that stories that intend to educate the reader that use the terms 'how' or 'what' in their titles are excellent traffic generators in terms of total web traffic and overall traffic percentage. The story "How Long Does a Home Appraisal Take?" is an excellent example of an educational post that produces impressive results for lenders. Similarly, stories that provide answers to common questions like "When Can you Get your Money Deposit Back?" also produce high traffic volumes. Other articles, like "How to Flip a House in Eight Steps", which outline steps or ways to accomplish a particular real estate goal, are also top traffic generators.

With proper keyword research, how-to and educational stories can be the best traffic generators for lenders as an average blog post within this category can produce up a few hundred to a thousand visits per month. Other posts that include helpful tips and steps to accomplish real estate and homeownership goals are excellent traffic generators that produce thousands of visits per month. 

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