Digital Mortgage 2019 Conference: Top 5 Things to Look Out For

The age of the internet and technology has been upon us for some time now and as the Digital Mortgage Conference in Las Vegas is fast approaching, it is now more important than ever to determine what you can check out at the convention. The 2019 mortgage technology conference from September 23 to 24 is a fantastic opportunity for mortgage lenders to learn what is changing in the landscape, what needs some work, and what has been a success thus far.

The Changing Mortgage Landscape

The keynote speaker for this year’s conference is Stuart Miller, the Executive Chairman of Lennar Corporation, the largest homebuilder in the nation. The first day of the conference focuses on digitizing the mortgage process and taking a deeper look at some of the benefits and drawbacks from digital mortgages. You can also expect to find out a ton about the new and changing mortgage industry and how things have changed. There will be sessions with industry professionals discussing how technology can benefit the entire process, broker focused tech, and so much more. This is a vital part of the conference and mortgage lenders as well as loan officers can truly learn a great deal about how broker channels are making huge digital strides and are truly changing for the better. Companies like Fintech are working to help bring more technology into the forefront and make it a larger part of the mortgage landscape.


Borrowers and their happiness with the entire mortgage process should be one of the main focuses of any lender. There are some truly exciting new developments in the realm of making customers happy including NestReady. This is a fantastic new platform lead by CTO Frederick Townes that allows loan officers insights into engaging homeowners and finding out just how to engage customers to make the biggest impact. CEO of Resource Financial Services, Wade Douroux will also be in attendance to talk about some of the benefits of partnering with NestReady. Demonstration session 1 will include speakers from Black Knight, Brace, NestReady and more.

Demonstration session 2 will include speakers from First American Mortgage Solutions, CoreLogic, DocuSign Inc. and more focusing on digital advances in mortgages and in the mortgage process. Demo session 4 will include speakers from Anow, Factom, Orignece, Finicity, and more. Demo session 4 has speakers from Roostify, Snapdocs, LBA Ware and many more. Lastly, Demonstration Session 5 offers speakers from TopofMind, Qualia, Indecomm and more. With demonstrations and panels with industry professionals like Frederick Townes, Wade Douroux and demonstrations by 35 companies total, there is plenty to see in terms of new technology and first hand experience.  A panel of judges is even going to be present to help judge the vendors and award the top vendor with a $15,000 prize.

Automation and the Evolving Mortgage Landscape

One of the best things about something like the Digital Mortgage Conference is that it gives mortgage lenders and loan officers a chance to find some of the best new strategies and to see how previous strategies worked as well. During the conference you can expect to see information about automation, setbacks from ineffective processes, and so much more. The content will also focus on how to prevent and repair broken processes. There will be several demo sessions that discuss technology insights and new technology automation and the discussion will be led by speaker Tim Mayopoulos President of Blend.

Women in Mortgage Technology

New this year there will be a forum that is aimed directly for women that are now a part of the changing mortgage landscape. This forum is focused on helping empower women through networking and collaboration. This forum is going to be led by Kim Hoffman, Chief operating officer with Envoy mortgage and features speakers, Laura Escobar, who is president of Eagle Home Mortgage as the keynote speaker along with other female leaders in the industry making up the panel. This is an exciting event that is going to be held on day one of the conference.

Data and Its Importance

The conference will also feature sessions about how to manage and effectively use data to do more and to truly change the way mortgages are handled. Panelists will share discussions about how to use information to identify potential customers, how to execute the process, and how to make the most use of the data that you have at hand. Sessions will also discuss what some of the future implications of this data are and what can be done with the information at hand. Panelists from Fannie Mae, Prosperity Home Mortgage LLC and Enterprise & Strategic Sales will come together in a panel to discuss data and its importance.

With so much valuable information, this conference is one should not be missed and that can truly make a difference in the real estate market as we see it. You can check out the agenda for the conference here.

To learn more about how NestReady helps loan officers as well as mortgage lenders generate and convert more homebuyer leads, you can get in touch here or check out our Loan Originator solution today.

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