What's In-Platform Advertising for Mortgage Lenders?

The World Wide Web has grown in leaps and bounds since it first came on the scene in 1990. Indeed, between 2008 and 2018, the total number of websites on the Internet grew a staggering 846 percent, with estimates exceeding 1.7 billion today.

Nevertheless, the majority of traffic on the web still comes from a handful of websites. For instance, Google generates the largest share of traffic on the web, with over 60 billion visits to its domain every month. YouTube and Facebook are next in line, with 24 billion and 20 billion monthly visits, respectively.

Because they command so much of web users’ time and attention, each of these sites has essentially formed its own self-contained internet and built advertising networks to help their visitors advertise to one another. These In-Platform Advertising solutions allow businesses, including lenders, to market to website visitors through ad products that fit organically into their ecosystems, resulting in more relevant experiences for users and better results for advertisers.

In-Platform Advertising, What Is It?

In-platform advertising includes any form of advertising that is deeply integrated into the overall experience of a particular platform. This encompasses a wide variety of formats and techniques, such as:

  • Native ads, which closely resemble the look, feel, and content of the media around them
  • Preferred ad placements, which promote a product listing or website ahead of all the rest in search results.
  • AI-generated ads, which create unique ad content and CTAs based on behavioral data about a user

Some familiar examples of in-platform Advertising you might encounter on an everyday basis include Google search result ads, Facebook News Feed ads and boosted posts, promoted products on Amazon, and YouTube display ads.

Finally, apart from digital ads, in-platform Advertising also includes similar products and techniques in the print advertising world—for instance, sponsored stories and “branded content” in magazines.

Why Does In-Platform Advertising Matter? 

By now, digital consumers are seasoned veterans when it comes to online advertising. This has led to an increase in ad fatigue and “banner blindness,” with web users ignoring ads that have little to do with the content or layout of the platforms they visit. To make matters worse, the use of ad-blocking technology is increasing, with adoption of desktop ad blockers rising from 21 million users in 2010 to more than 181 million users in 2019. 

All of these factors have diminished the efficacy of online advertising tools. For instance, the average display ad has a clickthrough rate of just 0.1 percent. Search ads have a CTR of less than 2 percent, while less than 1 percent of Facebook ads receive clicks

By contrast, in-platform ads tend to generate much better outcomes. For instance, native ads produce click-through rates more than 8 times higher than typical display ads. Meanwhile, two-thirds of Generation X and Z consumers trust branded content more than traditional advertising. 

By combining native ads with other in-platform tools and strategies, advertisers can drive even more consumer trust and better results, bringing click-through rates as high as 20-30 percent. Can you imagine a quarter of potential homebuyers visiting your website engaging with your brand’s content at a fraction of the cost of traditional search and display ads?

In-Platform Advertising And Mortgage Lenders

With prospective homebuyers searching the web for their next home, mortgage lenders are uniquely suited to take advantage of in-platform advertising—and NestReady offers one of the most effective platforms for doing so.

NestReady’s in-platform advertising solution begins with NestFinder, a white-label real estate marketplace designed to put mortgage lenders at both the front and the center of the homebuying journey. NestFinder generates more leads by combining the user experience of a modern property search platform with immediate support from both loan officers and NestReady’s own customer service team.

Using NestFinder as a foundation, NestReady offers lenders a variety of in-platform advertising formats and tools for every stage in the homebuying journey. Examples of NestReady’s in-platform options include:

  • Native Ads & Customized CTAs: Every 11th listing on the NestReady platform can be customized to create a unique offer (e.g. schedule an appointment, request a showing, get support, download eBook) that looks and feels natural to the surrounding environment.
  • Organic & Paid Traffic Acquisition: Targeted search and display ads to drive your target audience acquisition to your white-label platform.
  • Audience Data & Machine Learning: Deliver a better consumer experience, identify the most qualified leads, and optimize calls to action based on behavioral data from your visitors.
  • Lead Nurturing Emails: Automated campaigns that use machine learning to help you convert leads into clients.

With millennials poised to drive over 80 percent of home purchases in the next ten years, adopting in-platform advertising solutions that resonate with borrowers is crucial to breaking through ad fatigue and positioning your financial institution as the trusted brand for every homebuying need. 

To learn more about how NestReady’s in-platform advertising solutions help mortgage lenders generate and convert more homebuyer leads, you can get in touch here. You can also follow us on Twitter or LinkedIn for product updates, industry news, and more!

About NestReady

NestReady bridges the gaps between consumers, banks, and real estate professionals, enabling financial institutions to offer a personalized and seamless home search process. With NestReady, lenders can enhance their marketing, increase engagement and client loyalty, and achieve higher and faster conversions — all through their own digital environment.

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