Cash Back Mortgage Incentive Benefiting Homebuyers and Loan Originators

As a mortgage lender, it is important to know when and how to approach potential homebuyer clients with various loan offerings. Since 8 out of 10 homebuyers will search for a mortgage lender before looking for a home, loan officers must tailor the customer experience and be prepared with mortgage lending incentives. By engaging with leads early in the homebuying journey, can instill trust in potential clients and drive referrals for future homebuyer clients.

Cash Back Mortgage Incentive for Homebuyers with NestReady

With NestReady’s cash back incentive, loan officers can help homebuyers get cash back on the price of the home. NestReady will give 0.5% of a home’s sale price back to your clients, with no limits or hidden conditions, when they use NestReady’s integrated NestFinder home search platform on their lender’s website (cash back amounts vary based on the price and geographic location of the property). 

Redeeming this cash back benefit is easy: your clients simply complete a survey via email after closing through a real estate agent from the NestReady network. Homebuyers receive their cash back reward as a mailed check within 30 days.

Loan Originators and Real Estate Agents Cash Back Incentive for Homebuyers

Your clients aren’t the only ones who benefit from NestReady’s cash back program: as a mortgage lender, you can receive valuable feedback about your partner real estate agent, home search assistant, and mortgage specialist. This feedback enables lenders to further improve your approach to your prospective clients and ensure successful lead generations.

Realtors also benefit from NestReady’s cash back incentive. To qualify for cash back, homebuyers must purchase their property through a qualified real estate agent from NestReady’s realtor network. As a result, real estate agents who partner with NestReady mortgage lenders get a powerful tool for referral and lead generation.

Mortgage Lenders 

In addition to attracting potential homebuyers with our cash back incentive, the NestReady platform offers loan officers a wide range of tools for increasing conversions. By adopting the NestReady platform, loan officers can build relationships with their clients earlier and achieve a better understanding of their journey through rich behavioral insights powered by AI and machine learning. NestReady puts loan officers at the center of their clients’ homebuying experience from start to finish. By supporting them through every step and having visibility on homebuyers' progress, lenders can increase meaningful engagement and better serve their clients’ needs, while offering the digital user experience they trust.

At NestReady, our white-label solutions integrate all aspects of the home-buying journey, providing a simple, seamless way for lenders, buyers, and agents to interact throughout every stage of the process. The result is an experience that’s easier, faster and, perhaps most importantly, more satisfying for everyone. If you’re ready to learn how our digital platform can help you grow your lending business, visit our site to schedule your free demo today.

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