Study: How NestReady Increased a Lenders' Website Ranking by 100%

Resource Financial Services (RFS) used NestReady's Digital Services to help them improve their overall domain authority, to obtain a more robust keyword ranking on all major search engines, to generate more leads for their new product VA Loans, and to increase brand awareness. 

Read on to discover what the NestReady team did to achieve RFS' goals and the results of NestReady's work. 




The NestReady team collected a series of guest blog posts across multiple domains that contained backlinks, which pointed back to Resource Financial Services' website. Each backlink contained custom anchor text, which focussed on a VA Loan keyword combination. As more sites pointed back to Resource Financial Services' VA Loan web page with links that contained the correct anchor text, Google started to notice the web page.

Once Google began to see the new backlinks, it factored in the unique links and the anchor text into its ranking algorithm. As a result, Resource Financial Services started to rank for new keywords. By focusing on backlink acquisition and VA Loan keyword combinations, the NestReady increased Resource Financial Services' domain authority and overall ranking on search engines like Google.



When we started to acquire backlinks for Resource Financial Services, their Ahrefs Rank improved from 10 million to 4.5 million in just two months. This increase is equivalent to outperforming 5.5 million websites.

Chart: Ahrefs Rank- Improvement

The impact of the backlinks was positively correlated with domain authority and Ahrefs rank. The effect was also positively correlated with ranking for keywords on several search engines.

Screen Shot 2020-05-05 at 2.10.41 PM

The Impact of NestReady’s work on RFS’ ranking for specific keywords on Google, Yahoo, and Bing in March. 

The NestReady team helped Resource Financial Services appear on Google search results for the keyword combination 'benefits of a VA home loan'. RFS was not ranking on any search engines for this keyword combination in February. However, towards the end of March, RFS started to appear in search results on Google for this keyword combination and began ranking on page 2 and the beginning of page 3 on Yahoo and Bing. From an SEO perspective, going from having no presence on search engine results to ranking on pages 2-7 is significant.

Screen Shot 2020-05-05 at 2.11.55 PM

NestReady also helped RFS maintain the #1 position on Google for local search results in South Carolina for the keyword combination 'mortgage financial services'. Ranking, for high-value keywords like 'mortgage financial services,' tends to be volatile. For example, for one month, a website can rank on the first page of results for this keyword, and then, in the next month, that same website is nowhere to be seen on any search engines for the particular keyword it formerly ranked. Therefore, maintaining the #1 position for the keyword 'mortgage financial services' is quite significant.

Why didn't NestReady use Adwords to Accomplish these Goals?


For the sake of explanation, let's take a look at the keyword combination 'How long does it take to buy a house.' This keyword is considered high-value, it has about 5.8 thousand searches per month, and 44 % (2552 clicks on 1st page per month) of users researching this keyword click on a piece of content or web page that appears on the first page of Google.

To be able to appear on the first page on Google for this keyword using a backlink acquisition strategy, a company would have to invest $5000 to see results in the second month. If you were to try and produce these results with Adwords, it would cost you $6000 in the first month, and in three months, the cost to buy will be $14,000- 18,000. To get the same results, you can save a lot of money through backlinks acquisition and SEO. 

Many companies end up buying Adwords or Facebook Ads because Search Engine Optimization seems to be quite complicated. However, with the right tools and expertise, SEO can be straightforward and above-all-else cost-effective. 

But, Why Does Any of this Matter?


The majority of marketers believe that SEO is an effective measure to drive sales and grow your business, with content being the most crucial factor in having an SEO friendly website. But, many marketers miss the critical role that backlinks and overall website authority play in SEO. A website can have great content, along with unique web pages. However, if the overall website authority is low, the ranking of the content pieces will also be, and users will not be able to find the content. This often leads to low keyword ranking on search engines. As a result, there is no organic traffic going towards the website, which leads to zero content visibility. 

Next Steps:


Marketers need to grow website content while acquiring backlinks. By doing so,  you are giving your content a fair chance to rank for the keywords that are relevant to your business. The NestReady team can help you throughout the process to ensure that your content and your website gets the attention it deserves. Check out our Digital Services Offering here. 

Want to learn more about the work NestReady did for Resource Financial Services? Check out the full Case Study here. 

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