A Plea for Mortgage Lenders.


I just love how straightforward this article published yesterday by Jason Frazier on Housingwire, is. I really recommend reading it.

This is not plagiarism, simply a list of my favourite pieces of the article I wish every mortgage lender would read.“As has been said by many industry titans, the only constant in business you can count on is change. Yet, too many of you are still holding on to the past, to the “good ol’ days” of this business.”

It is time for you to stop being romantic about the way things used to be. We are never going back. It is time for you to embrace the tremendous opportunity in front of you to reimagine your business for today’s consumer.

In the Real Estate industry, which is the biggest referral source to loan officers nationally, the disruption is happening even faster. The mortgage industry will look vastly different in 10yrs, and I would argue that it will probably be more like 3–5 years.

…I still run into Loan Officers every day that don’t buy it. They give me reason after reason about why they are different. And I tell that that “every disrupted industry says “it can’t happen to me” until it happens to them.” Look back over the past five years in the industry and tell me with a straight face haven’t changed. How many mortgage brands are no longer around?

This a plea for you to seize the day, to seize the opportunity to adapt your business to meet the needs of the new economy and the modern consumer. This is the greatest time in history to build your business and reach customers. For those of you who “Get it” the future is bright because most of your competition won’t change.

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