Become a Successful Mortgage Loan Officer: The Four Daily Practices

As a passionate loan officer, you are continually trying to improve your skills and gain new knowledge about the industry, which is an essential element to success within the competitive field of mortgage lending. There are several ways to improve your mortgage lending business and reach your professional goals. Here’s a list of four daily practices that can help you become a better performing loan officer and separate yourself from the pack. 

#1: Obtain Customer Referrals


Loan officers should view name referrals and excellent reviews as an essential marketing channel to drive business growth. When a consumer is thinking about buying a particular product or service, they often utilize reviews as a way to guide and dictate their purchase. Several studies have shown that consumers are most likely to buy a service if it has a good review. Alternatively, studies have shown that consumers will not buy a service if there are no reviews; this is no different for obtaining a financial service. 

There are several things that you can do as a loan officer to receive good customer reviews and referrals. The first method is quite simple, maintain a good experience for the customer from start to finish. If a customer had a pleasant end-to-end experience with you as their loan officer, they are more likely to refer you to their friends and family. Another way you can gain referrals is by staying in contact with your clients after you’ve closed a deal. Building long-lasting relationships with past clients can result in referrals and repeat customers in the future. Other methods of obtaining referrals can be sending a follow-up email after you’ve closed a deal asking for feedback or by reviewing small companies and small business owners within the local area. The following method mentioned can be very successful because a small business will likely be grateful and willing to pay back the favor. 

#2: Be Active on Social Media


It is common for consumers to use social media to learn more about companies and service providers. Several recent studies have shown that the percentage of individuals who utilize social media for this purpose is highest among customers under the age of 35. This demographic also constitutes the largest group of homebuyers. If your business is not on social media, it should become a top priority so potential clients can find you and learn about you and your services. Consider setting up a business account. Therefore, your contact info is easily accessible to consumers. If you already have social media accounts, be sure to post regularly and engage with other social media users within your field as well as potential customers.

#3: Network Whenever Possible


Similar to referrals, networking is another essential marketing channel for loan officers. Loan officers need to establish a good rapport with key industry individuals such as real estate professionals, schools and institutions, associations, and customers. Networking is a fantastic opportunity for you to get your name out there as a loan officer and introduce your business to others within the industry. By networking, you are essentially adding a face and a personality to your business. Networking also provides you with an opportunity to meet and learn from professionals within your field. Also, networking allows you to expand your knowledge, which will then help you better serve your clients.

To some individuals, networking can be scary, but it does not have to be. Networking can be something simple, like getting to know local professionals that work in your industry. Or, you can follow small businesses on social media and engage with them daily. If networking excites you, you can research and attend industry events that will provide you with an excellent opportunity to meet new people, introduce your business, and chat with mentors. 

#4: Know Your Audience


Technology gives loan officers the ability to power their business in a way that was not possible several years ago. Therefore, loan officers must take advantage of the unlimited resources available and utilize them to achieve their goals better. For example, marketing automation tools, such as Hubspot or Buffer, can be used to take time-consuming work off of your plate, whether it’s automatically publishing content on your blog, managing email nurturing campaigns, or posting on your social media profiles. These tools can help you gain referrals as well as be active on social media without requiring too much thought or effort. Loan officers can also use Other tools like Zapier to reduce daily workload. Zapier can complete tasks like storing leads and sending them directly to a messaging platform. Loan officers should research, find, and use apps to efficiently manage your time. You do not have to do it all or be a digital marketing expert, utilize the resources available to your advantage. 



There are several daily practices a loan officer can engage in to increase their skills and become a top producer, from providing great customer service, to building sustainable relationships with clients that promote referrals, and to networking with other industry leaders and professionals. Additional practices such as embracing technological advances and the power of social media and utilizing them to establish brand awareness and increase consumer engagement will significantly impact your performance as a loan officer. 

How NestReady Can Help You Become a Top Performing Loan Officer:


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